Sample project:

Workplace design, industrial design electronics laboratory

Inventory recording:
A comprehensive market analysis of the competitors, criticism of the existing system, as well as savings potential resulting from a new arrangement of the components, gives a clear direction for a redesign. Modern industrial design, ergonomic requirements, high user-friendliness, good lighting as well as the modular design are also to be given great attention.


The vertical level (profile) is used for device connections, Ethernet, power supply, power module, cable routing and solder extraction. Thus, the individual connection elements are in direct range and can also be arbitrarily arranged. The workplace remains tidy and clear.


facing the user
The industrial design should serve the user! Operating and connection elements are designed for faster and simpler workflows. The user is at the center and can optimally operate and monitor all control elements from his working position.


Glare-free lighting
The LED lighting is integrated into the table superstructure and provides a shade-free, glare-free illumination of the workplace. An intelligent, multifunctional aluminum profile combines the “luminaire and drawer” function, thus reducing the production effort.


Ergonomic requirements
Height adjustment is indispensable for functional and ergonomic work. By comfortable change from sitting to standing the back is spared and rapid fatigue is reduced. Sustainable industrial design is achieved by retrofitting the height adjustment at a later stage.


Individual configuration
With the modular industrial design each order can be configured according to the customer’s individual requirements. A series of individual tables is preferred for reasons of flexibility. Existing functionalities, such as grooves and mounting elements, are statically improved.