Sample project product development

product development, industrial design of a maintenance device, measuring device



Product concept and Design variations

“B-Timer” is a mini- computer that displays and monitors saturation of the filter cartridge on a mobile air-conditioning compressor. The product specification for the “B-Timer” was developed in cooperation with Bauer Compressors. Particular emphasis was placed on the intuitive handling of the operator guidance and a good readability of the low-level display. The housing should be splashproof, dustproof, as well as salt water and UV light resistant. A further requirement in this case was the stable mounting on the filter, which ensured a simple retrofit for the user. In the design phase, three design variants were designed and visualized. Industrial design and technical developments go hand in hand. Material and surface are determined in accordance with the manufacturing possibilities.



Operator guidance, industrial design and CAD

A design task in the development of the B-Timer is the intuitive handling of the operator guidance through a corresponding graphical design of the display. The display shows the maintenance intervals, the battery life, the operating hours and the degree of saturation of the filter cartridge with the simplest self-explanatory symbols. The product can be operated world-wide with only two buttons in symbols and  without any text. Details of the design are developed in close cooperation with the customer:
Position / mounting the board, mounting Display / operating foil, install the “B-timer” on the filter, sealing the housing parts. The selected industrial design is developed according to the required number of pieces on aluminium die-cast and plastic injection-molding. Various manufacturers offers make the investment decision easier. In this phase of development the comminication ist performed with CAD design data sets.



Design samples, prototyping and series production

The detailed CAD data serves as the basis for a first design mockup in 3D-printing process. After a further revision of the data set, ten prototype parts are produced for electronic function tests in stereolithography / vacuum casting and CNC milling. In these prototypes, the surface and colors are displayed as in the final part. Even during the concept phase, we are committed to sustainable, economical production and propose appropriate production processes. The 3D data set we created serves as the basis for production planning. We take care of our designs from the industrial design to the start of production and understand ourselves as an interface between our customers and external manufacturers.