Product concept

The design project involves the strategic planning, the definition of the development task in cooperation with company management, marketing as well as production representatives. We are committed to maximize the potential of creative ideas and aligning them with the needs of customers and their target groups. Through new material applications, system solutions, simplified assembly, industrial design can generate added value and contribute to cost reduction. We are looking forward to organizing or participating an innovation meeting in your company.

Industrial design

Industrial design for capital goods / machinery / equipment is an efficient way to visualize “inner” values such as quality, modernity, reliability, maintenance-friendliness and efficiency and communicate with a high degree of recognition. With our commitment to an innovative industrial design, high user-friendliness and sustainable use of resources, we strive for a sense of well-being and a positive experience of the user. Through new technologies and production processes, new, different thinking is required at many levels: ecological and social factors, direct digital manufacturing, moving away from “volumising” to “value thinking”, sustainable design and sharing concepts. We are always looking forward to new projects, test us.

Technical design

Apart from the good design, the industrial design also includes the technical design of your product, the right material selection and the appropriate production process. We are specialists for industrial production technology such as plastic injection molding, vacuum forming, aluminium casting, extrusion pressing and work with project-related teams, state-of-the-art CAD technology, production-ready designs complete with production documents up to production maturity. With a solid design, a sense of proportion, compliance with the usual standards, we offer you “Engineering made in Germany”

  • We work with your development department, can either design a design study for your project or, especially for small series, provide the complete service of the product development from the concept to the delivery of the individual parts. Web meetings can be organized for optimizing developement processes.

  • Project start

    For an offer, we need information on the problem, the market, the number of units, the period of implementation, the level of support required, the available market data or market research results, as well as production and development studies. As a rule, the usage and license rights are transferred to the client with the development fees. Industrial secrets is daily business for us and can be regulated individually in an agreement..

  • Activity plan, cost plan

    The first information conversation up to 2 hours duration and a journey of up to 150 km is free of charge. We will work out a detailed plan of work and costs for your project within one week. Planning and Covered budgets for individual work steps are self-evident to us. Alternatively, you can pay by hour with monthly billing. The current hourly rates are available on request.


Product development

As an industrial designer, we are in a position to familiarize ourselves with the problem area of the client within a short period of time, with a common-sense perspective. The controllable product complexity of the task ranges from furniture handles to production machinery. For over 25 years, we have been developing solutions for safety engineering, information technology, measurement technology, medical technology, office furniture, laboratory technology and toys. Knowledge of manufacturing processes for large and small series with suppliers are available.

development effort

concept 20%
design 20%
elaboration/construction 60%