Sample project:

Product development of an ergonomic control unit


A neutral, as small as possible machine control panel for mobile and stationary use with touch screen and with emergency stop switch as well as enabling button ist to be developed. The technical dimensions and the desired number of pieces as well as production processes are determined. Apart from the ergonomics, the industrial design and the value of the impression is  playing an important role.
The boundary conditions are clarified beforehand: functional and requirement specifications, location, operation, hardware and software, production possibilities, and pricing.


Ergonomic studies
The operating functions: emergency stop switch, enabling button and one-hand operation are examined. The dimensions of hand / finger joints, ergonomic guidelines and operating procedures must be determined and taken into account. Initial industrial design considerations, various ergonomic studies are being  developed into housing concepts. The evaluation of the concepts, selection for detailing and development to the design are taken into consideration with the customer


Technical concept
The technical components determine the basic dimensions of the device at the beginning of the development process. In the course of development and with increasing concretisation, the technical and industrial design of the device is being reworked in close cooperation with the client and adapted with the ergonomic housing construction.


3D print for technical review
With the complete 3D data set of the housing, a first prototype is created, the technical components are used and the industrial design is reviewed. With conceptual prototypes technical and ergonomic functions can be tested in the real application. Defects which are identified are being revised.


Support up to series production
As soon as the industrial design concept has been released, the production design of the components begins. The housing part, the loop for hanging and the shell for the stationary attachment of the operating part are manufactured with the plastic injection molding process. The front is milled out of aluminium, the front foil is designed and supplied by our co mpany. Cable strain relief, emergency stop and release button are purchased parts.