Sample project:

Machine design, industrial design of a production machine of EC cards


Analysis of the machine processes
The machine design starts with MMS / human-machine interfaces. The work process of the machine and the working situations and tasks resulting from it are identified and defined – work requirements, work environment and work equipment. Different priorities must be set. In our example, the user priority of the touch screen was preferred to the visualization priority.


Ergonomics and operation
The optimal production economy and the associated production economy are at the forefront of our work. With the help of Percentil body measurements, which can be used specifically for Europe, Asia or worldwide, we check at an early stage whether our machine concept works for the defined markets. The basic principles of our entire development process are, of course, the latest ergonomic and machine and safety guidelines.



Concepts of machine maintenance
We take into account the maintenance of the machines in our concepts. We are looking for a personal, direct conversation with the operator in advance, in order to gather as many experiences as possible, to establish needs and to make sense for our industrial design. Working, gripping and sensing rooms, as well as light conditions are optimally designed for the user.


Machine interface
The user interface plays an important role in the user-friendliness of a machine. For this reason, we are committed to a uniform, user-friendly interface design, which is adapted to the CI. Typically designed as a touch panel, machine interfaces can be used to monitor, operate, visualize or provide data. With a uniform and clear design of the buttons and user interfaces, the user can immediately find his way. This is the only way to achieve intuitive machine operation.